Welcome the Newest Member of Team Apple Seeds!
Apple Seeds Program Manager, Destiny Schlinker

Destiny brings a wealth of experience in school garden education to Apple Seeds--having just completed two years as a FoodCorps service member at Harp Elementary in Springdale. We're so excited that she has joined Apple Seeds. Here's a glimpse into what makes her tick.
Earliest Food Memory?
My earliest food memory was harvesting cucumbers with my granny and not always being the best sharer of said cucumbers!
Why Gardening?
Gardening is so empowering. Every day I can see progress. I can watch a project from start to finish. There is nothing more gratifying than growing something that nourishes your body and mind. When I'm in the garden, all of my worries disappear. It's just me and the dirt.
What Do You Love Most About Gardening?
I love partnering with the earth- cooking with the seasons- going with the flow- and knowing that if I'm mindful I can reduce my environmental footprint!
Greatest Challenge?
My greatest challenge is the Arkansas heat. I get so red that students become deeply concerned! Dozens of summers in this state and I still haven't mastered graceful sweating.
Favorite Fall Vegetables?
I've never met a veggie I didn't like, but I have a new found love for Kale.
Favorite Gardening Playlist?
I love "Dirt Farmer" by Levon Helm. It's good down home music, and he's Arkansas, so that's a nice bonus!
What Excites You the Most About Working with Apple Seeds?
To see teachers and students get excited about fresh healthy food! There is nothing greater than a five year old excitedly waving the first carrot he's ever harvested in the air!

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