ONF Spreads The Love ($$)
Fayetteville Free Weekly, Terrah Baker
February 27, 2013
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Early this month, ONF donated $20,000 to Apple Seeds, Inc. for a teaching farm located next to the ONF site on College Avenue. This is the first donation of this size in ONF’s history, McGriff said.
“We definitely couldn’t do that if we had our mortgage still. So being able to support things, especially nonprofits that align with our mission and vision, or are moving towards things that we’re moving towards — like educating NWA on healthy eating or growing natural foods — that’s open to us to support those organizations in bigger ways,” McGriff said.
To a small group like Apple Seeds, a nonprofit out of Fayetteville that was started by Alyson Land, now general manager of ONF, that means their project can get a running start.
“It is a strong vote of confidence from a well-respected business. It means they believe in us. They believe in our business plan. And they believe we can successfully accomplish our goals. We have a strong partner and ally who shares our vision,” said Mary Thompson of Apple Seeds. [Read more]  

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