School Gardens

Our school garden program is integral to the Apple Seeds mission--inspiring healthy food choices, demonstrating the connection between seasonality, plants and food, and strengthening our local food economy. Excitement among the community for school garden education, and the drive to combat childhood obesity in our region have never been stronger.
The gardens are outdoor classrooms that help children discover, observe and learn through hands-on curriculum. Students harvest and prepare fresh healthy snacks. They share and sell their bounty at student-run School Garden Farmers’ Markets--a practical and fun extension of math curriculum in a real world setting. Alongside positive changes in eating behavior, gardening programs create bonds across grade levels, foster teamwork, and instill a sense of ownership and accountability.
Apple Seeds garden students are engaged and empowered--they take pride in their gardens, while exploring new flavors and ingredients. Harvesting food, preparing it, then eating it, is a rewarding and enjoyable experience that shifts the culture around how and what our kids choose to eat.
What's more Apple Seeds hosts school garden workshops for elementary and middle school teachers to help them establish and sustain their school gardens. Taught by Apple Seeds staff and community members, these workshops are designed to give teachers and garden leaders the skills, confidence, and know-how to help their school gardens flourish!
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