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We are so grateful for the range of support from our community and region--evidence of a shared vision for encouraging healthy eating through hands-on garden education.


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Ozark Natural Foods and Apple Seeds have a shared history and philosophy. Alysen Land, former General Manager, was one of the founding members of Apple Seeds, and personally incorporated the organization in 2007. Having the support of Ozark Natural Foods is vital to realizing our vision for teaching the next generation of community leaders and expanding our reach across Northwest Arkansas. ONF has made significant donations to Apple Seeds -- these donations have helped to fund the farm, provide educational support and shared programming. 

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In 2017 the Walmart Foundation awarded Apple Seeds a grant through its Northwest Arkansas Giving Program. The generous grant will fund a series of cooking classes that will reach 1,200 students across NWA. The funds will also be used to grow produce for these cooking classes and the student-led market stands which provide access to fresh vegetables at local schools. The Walmart Foundation and its Northwest Arkansas Giving Program has supported Apple Seeds since 2014. Many thanks to the Walmart Foundation and its commitment to serving the community and improving access to hunger relief and healthy eating services.

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In 2017 Tyson Foods awarded Apple Seeds a generous grant which will help fund its Farm Lab program. Farm Lab is an interactive field trip on the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm where elementary students learn about food, food systems, and nutrition. Last year Farm Lab reached more than 1400 students from across NWA. Tyson Foods has supported Apple Seeds and its Farm Lab program since 2015. Many thanks to Tyson Foods and its support of groups like Apple Seeds who are committed to improving the health and well-being of its communities.


In 2016 Champions for Kids awarded Apple Seeds $10,000 to expand their Teaching Farm at Gulley Park in Fayetteville. This means more kids having fun, more kids learning, more kids seeing their efforts come to fruition, and more kids taking their health into their own hands. Many thanks to Champions for Kids and  its commitment to serving our community.


The Whole Kids Foundation is supporting Apple Seeds in 2016 through its Special Projects Grant to develop a Farm to Table Cooking Class. The class is designed to build enthusiasm around fresh fruits and vegetables and to empower students with the skills and the desire to prepare healthy food. Apple Seeds couldn’t be more excited to develop this class — our hearty thanks to the Whole Kids Foundation for helping us make it possible.


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Chobani is supporting Apple Seeds in a big way! The Chobani Foundation is the first sponsor of our Teaching Kitchen at the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm. The Teaching Kitchen is truly the heart of the Teaching Farm – a place where students will gather together to learn, cook, share healthy meals together and be inspired to do the same at home. We couldn’t be more proud to partner with Chobani, a company that is committed to making good food more accessible, especially to youth and those communities who need it most.


A steady supporter of Apple Seeds, Clif Bar has made countless contributions since we broke ground on the Teaching Farm in 2014. From volunteering on the farm, to numerous in-kind donations, to financial donations and most recently their Porch sponsorship at the Apple Seeds Office and Teaching Farm at Gulley Park. Many thanks to Clif Bar and its support of groups like Apple Seeds who are committed to improving the health and well-being of its communities.

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A long-standing supporter of Apple Seeds, Greenhouse Grille believes their business is a powerful tool for change on a local and global level. Apple Seeds couldn’t agree more and has been the recipient of their generosity over the past several years. In 2013, Greenhouse Grille graciously hosted Apple Seeds Farmraiser dinner—helping Apple Seeds raise more than $3,500 in one night and successfully completing its $10,000 kickstarter campaign to help fund the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm. In addition, Greenhouse Grille has committed to a round up program—customers round up when they pay the bill and the proceeds go to Apple Seeds.

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In 2016 J.B. Hunt Transport made a significant and generous donation to Apple Seeds. A sponsor of Apple Seeds’ 2016 annual Picnic on the Farm fundraiser and Farm Dinner fundraiser, J.B. Hunt Transport also funded a Farm Lab program for its’ employees and their children - a true testament to their belief in Apple Seeds' mission. This donation enables Apple Seeds to continue to grow and reach even more young students in the NWA region. Many thanks to J.B. Hunt Transport for their support. To learn more, visit


In 2017 The Grainger Foundation made a generous donation to Apple Seeds. The funding provided by The Grainger Foundation goes towards the construction of the new Teaching Kitchen at the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm at Gulley Park. This donation enables Apple Seeds to reach even more young students in the NWA region. The Grainger Foundation has supported Apple Seeds since 2016. Many thanks to The Grainger Foundation for their support.


 williams tractor

Williams Tractor made a generous donation to Apple Seeds in 2017. Thanks to this wonderful community partner, we now have a new Holland 33 tractor and a riding lawn mower. As we expand the Teaching Farm, the timing of this donation couldn't have been better! Many thanks to Williams Tractor for their support!


“Apple Seeds makes a positive difference in our community by educating our children. Healthy food choices are the first prescription for good health and Apple Seeds’ hands-on approach reaches our children at a pivotal learning time. Collier Drug has been building a healthy community and supporting the education of young children for nearly 100 years. Apple Seeds and Collier Drug is a natural partnership as we work together to improve the health and well being of Northwest Arkansas!” --Mel Collier


The Clif Bar Family Foundation has awarded Apple Seeds two generous grants to fund its educational programs on the Teaching Farm. In 2015, the grant will help fund Apple Seeds' farm to table program for the 2015/2016 school year. In 2014, the grant helped fund Apple Seeds’ pilot Farm Lab during the 2014/2015 school year. Thanks to these grants, Apple Seeds is able to reach hundreds of elementary students throughout NWA and reconnect these students with where their food comes from. Many thanks to the Clif Bar Family Foundation and its support of groups like Apple Seeds who are committed to improving the health and well-being of its communities. 


In 2014 Fly-N-Hog Media Group Inc contacted Apple Seeds and asked how the agency could help raise awareness for our garden education programs in the schools and at the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm. Thanks to a very generous media donation, Apple Seeds is now advertising across NWA and becoming a name that more people in our region recognize. Many thanks to Fly-N-Hog Media for its support and helping us gain a greater voice in the region. 


Karas Urgent Care is a family walk-in clinic that provides friendly, easy, quality affordable health care to all of their patients. An active member in our community, Dr. Karas is a strong advocate for great, affordable healthcare in Northwest Arkansas. Located just down the street from Leverett Elementary School in Fayetteville and the site of one of Apple Seeds' school gardens, Karas Urgent Care sponsors Leverett’s School Garden Markets which provides the Leverett community with access to fresh, healthy produce.  Many thanks to Karas Urgent Care for its support. For more information, visit

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In 2015 Boulder Brands made a significant and generous donation to Apple Seeds. This donation enables Apple Seeds to continue to grow and reach even more young students in the NWA region. One of the largest natural consumer packaged food companies in the U.S., Boulder Brands has been creating and improving products that redefine food and nutrition since 1997. Many thanks to Boulder Brands for their support. To learn more, visit


In 2015 Christ Community Church made a generous donation to Apple Seeds. This donation provides funding for our Farm to Table program, an opportunity for kids (young & old) to harvest ingredients, cook outside, and enjoy a meal with friends in the garden on the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm. Many thanks to Christ Community Church for their support. To learn more, visit


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