Farm to Table Cooking Class

IMG_4960 “Can we eat here everyday?” That’s what we hear from the students that participate in our unique cooking program. Farm to Table builds enthusiasm around fresh fruits and vegetables and empowers students with the skills and the desire to prepare healthy food. With nearly 50% of our state’s youth consuming less than one serving a day of fruits and vegetables, we need to equip and inspire them to eat healthier. Our programs show that 30% of students replicate healthy recipes at home after learning how to make them!
Hosted in our garden kitchen, students in our Farm to Table program are responsible for the meal – they read recipes, harvest the ingredients, prepare recipes at cooking stations, set the table, and then sit down together in the garden to eat. This experience shows the students how to make healthy eating a fun adventure.
Farm to Table began as a pilot in the Fall of 2015. Since then more than 300 students from across Northwest Arkansas have participated and the numbers keep growing. The program is available for groups of 15-30 students at a time. Ages vary but we typically host students ages 7 to 15. The program takes place on Fridays from 9-11am. Times can be adjusted if needed.
If you are interested in participating or would like more information, contact us.
Fees apply. Scholarships are available.
Farm to Table is supported by Clif Bar Family Foundation, Whole Kids FoundationGenerations Health and Wellness Center, Specialized Real Estate Group and Bordinos.
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