Workshop Documents

Gardening Year Round School Garden Workshop Materials
Apple Snack
A healthy snack that is easy to prepare for your students in the garden. Note: you can substitute Almond Butter for Sunbutter
What Am I Icebreaker
The materials you need to play the "What Am I" icebreaker with your garden students
What Am I Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for the "What Am I" activity
Companion Planting
A helpful resource for your garden planning
Outdoor Classroom Calendar
A calendar that provides a monthly view of what to sow, what to harvest, the events that can be planned around your garden, suggested curriculum and activities, and garden maintenance
Mapping the Garden Lesson
A lesson plan for "Mapping the Garden"
Common Core Connections in the Garden
Standards that teachers can reinforce in gardening, cooking and tasting activities
Next Generation Science Standards in the Garden
A list of NGSS that are well suited for garden-based learning
Year Round Resources
Links to helpful garden resources
Recommended Literature
Recommended literature on school gardens
Harnessing the Force--the Volunteer Force Workshop  Materials
Harnessing the Force Slides
Volunteer Bingo
A fun icebreaker that can be used for a variety of purposes in your school garden.
Why People Volunteer Activity
Basic Message Activity
Volunteer Training
An overview and tips for training your school garden volunteers
The Garden as an Outdoor Classroom Workshop Materials
Garden as an Outdoor Classroom Slides
Common Core Connections
In The Garden
Wiggling Worms Lesson
Dill Dip Recipe
Evergreen Single Report
Next Generation Science Standards In the Garden
Project BudBurst How Seeds Travel
Apple Seeds Starts Lesson Plan
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