Growing My Plate


What is Growing My Plate?

Growing My Plate is a six-week cooking class held inside the Apple Seeds Teaching Kitchen that empowers students with cooking skills, nutrition knowledge and a desire to prepare healthy food. Students harvest produce from the gardens and prepare a simple, nutrition & garden-based recipe each week.

The mission of Camp War Eagle is to change the culture of NWA through family and youth development. Partnering with Apple Seeds on the six-week cooking series offered our kids and volunteers something new and special while furthering our mission.
— Enoch Graham, Springdale OZONE Director, Camp War Eagle

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  • Classes are designed for students 8 years & older

  • Classes are tuition free

  • Stipends available to facilitators interested in leading a Growing My Plate at a garden site. Training provided.  

  • Growing My Plate is in partnership between Apple Seeds, Cooking Matters and Arkansas Children’s Research Institute.



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